Sunday Sermon: Not My Will But Yours Be Done

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Key Scriptures: Matthew 26, Mark 16 and Luke 24

Jesus understood the personal cost of doing the will of God. Jesus in Luke 22:41-43 asks God to remove the cup of suffering He was soon to drink from; dying for all of humanity despite His innocence. Jesus’ humanity needed strengthening at this time and in the passage an angel is sent to do just that. It was the will of God that the Son of God should go through agony and pain and thank God He did. Thank God Jesus went through with the will of God and by doing so He gave all those that believe in Him access to God the Father and eternal life. Heaven and hell are real. 

Though the will of God for us doesn’t look like the pain and agony Jesus went through, that doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have a will of each and every life. He does. There are some things we must note in our exercising the will of God in our lives. As you seek to do His will you must remember that the heart can be deceitful and we are not to look to signs in an attempt to hear from God. The people that want to please themselves look for signs and the Devil will give them signs. According to Matthew 12:38-40, it is an evil generation looks for signs. As you seek to do the will of God you must be prayerful, this stops you from giving up. Also seek Godly counsel from your spiritual leaders, pastors, teachers and be patient!

In the pursuit of God’s will for our lives we must also be aware that persecution will arise. As you seek to do the will of God you are likely to face opposition. Do not take opposition to mean you are not in His will, that’s a lie. People may even go as far as insulting, mistreating and lying against you. Why would anyone do this to me? You may ask. Persecution may arise because of the joy set before you. What God has for you is on its way. What should be your response? Endurance. When you encounter opposition don’t crack but endure. Also as crazy as it sounds, be excited! Be excited because great is your reward in heaven (Hebrews 12: 2).

SUNDAY SERMON: The Parable Of The Sower

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Key Scripture: Matthew 13: 3 -9 

Many have heard the word of God before, but only in understanding it does the word of God produce fruitful results.

The seed of the word on unfertile ground can have no effect or a negative effect on the hearer; though they may still claim to be active Christians. To he who hears the word of God and does it not understand it, the word will be taken away from him. In this time, your understanding may be tested, and fruits will be expected of you from the word of God that should be in you. Are you following Jesus, with an understanding of the word of God in this period?

It is easy to live with a lack of understanding of the word of God, such was the case with the Sadducees (Acts 23:8). There are denominations that do not believe in the Holy Ghost, those who do not believe in going to church, those who believe in evolution and those who say christianity or the Bible is inconsistent. When the enemy comes, he not only takes the word of God away, but he replaces it with a lie. The word is living and just as the body without the spirit is dead (James 1:22-26), when you lack the word of God, the seed that is sown is not able to grow.

The sowing of the seed can be prevented in many ways. Some fell on stony ground (Matthew 13:5-6) where there was no root. This is when the word of God is received with joy but when temptation, trials and persecutions arise, it fades away. Are you easily offended, easily losing your peace and joy? It is important to understand that when you receive the word there is the process of conversion where you God will take you on a spiritual journey and you will mature with each day. For other people, thorns spring up (Matthew 13:22) and the deceitfulness of the things of this world, such as wealth and riches chokes the word. When you are very dedicated to wealth and the world, it is dangerous to your salvation.

However, the seed on the good ground bears fruit. The good ground is he that hears the word and understands it, and therefore produces fruit (Matthew 13:8). At such a time as this when the word of God is being cut off, are you fertile ground for God’s instruction?

If the ground is not fertile, the word will not abide in it. How is the word of God in you?

Sunday Sermon: I Am A Child Of God

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Key Scripture: Galatians 3:26

A child of God is a person who believes that Jesus Christ is their saviour (Galatians 3:26). A child of God must remember that it is only Jesus Christ that gives them a good record before God (1 Peter 2:10). A child of God believes and obeys the word of God. As a child of God you should not question the word of God and use it to suit your own purpose, rather you should love to seek the things of God. You should love to meet with other believers and rejoice in the testimonies you hear.

Simply put, a child of God:

  • Believes in Jesus Christ
  • Believes in the word of God
  • Loves to seek the things of God, including the testimonies of believers and fellowship with other believers.

The declaration that you are a child of God should start with you and continue with you (Romans 1:16). It should be apparent in how you live, including your talking, dressing and every aspect of your living. You should have hope because you are a child of God. You should beware idolatry (Daniel 1:6-7) which can can easily be hidden in the culture around us – the things we watch, the company we keep, the traditions we follow. As Christians to live is Christ and to die is great gain. We are born again to radiate the work of Christ, to shine light into darkness, not to continue in darkness. 

When you operate as a child of God, you can then begin to understand what it means to be full of power. Do you have the boldness to declare Christ? (Acts 5:13). Being a child of God gives us power, but when we take out Jesus Christ – man will fail (Acts 4:12) and so we must never stop praying. We must pray for our country and that we will see revival again. 

Youth Class: Creativity

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Key Scriptures: Genesis 1:28, Proverbs 24:3-4, Proverbs 3:18-20

What is creativity?

What does creativity mean to you? Personally?

“Creativity” is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. But where does creativity even begin? The foundations of creativity were laid at the very beginning of time when God created – The heavens, the earth, day, night, fish in the sea, bird of the air

The only creation that inherited His creativity is man you and I. 

Genesis 1:28

Having God’s image means we have his creative heart, offering all of us creative dominion. Creativity is linked to our authority and influence. 

The Bible allows us to understand us key aspects about man’s inheritance of God’s own creativity. 

Number One: Creativity isn’t a gift that some have and others do not. It is not a gift, or a feeling, or a mood. Creativity is a manifestation of the divine nature within you. 

The implications of this are huge! If creativity comes from the divine nature then it is always available, and demonstrated in three virtues: 

Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge

Each one of these three virtues contributes significantly to the creative process as seen in Proverbs:

Proverbs 3:18-20

Proverbs 24:3-4

Through wisdom is an house builded (Ingenuity)

and by understanding it is established (Sustainability)

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.(Profitability)

Where are these virtues found and increased?

Proverbs 9:10: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

Colossians 1:9: So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you. We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. NLT

2. Creativity and stewardship go hand in hand. 

It only has authority when it takes responsibility. Someone who doesn’t use their ideas and creations or isn’t acted on really and truly forfeit their God-given authority to shape and influence culture. God is all about stewardship. Creativity is not something you wait on – it is something you stir up. 

3. You are creative because you are made in the image of the Creator

Creativity is not limited to the arts or artisans! The Pastor Chioma’s and Mike Murdock. The TobyMac and the Travis Greene.   God is a genius on every subject and every subject is under the influence of his/your creativity. Christ is the source of all wisdom and knowledge in every field (Colossians 2:2-3). He is the Way, the Truth, and the life (John 14:6).

You are creative! You don’t have to be artsy or musical. Creativity is your heritage and your nature and God is interested in your field of occupation, hobby, and interest. 

REMEMBER: You are created because someone else was creative!

By Daniel Riley-Poku

Youth Class: Love Your Enemies

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Key Scriptures: Matthew 5:43-44

One day, Jesus was teaching his disciples on a hillside, which is known as the Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew 5:43-44, where He talks about loving our enemies.

Jesus said some things to his disciples that took them by surprise, which even some followers of Jesus still find challenging to do to this day. “You have heard that it was said that you should love your neighbours and hate your enemies,” Jesus said. “But I say, love your enemies; and even if they say or do mean and horrible things to you, pray for them.

Matthew 5:46:

For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?

Why does Jesus tell us to love our enemies? Well, when we love our enemies, Jesus says that we are being children of God. If we only love those who are kind to us, what is the point of that? If we only show kindness to our friends, what is the point of that? Anyone can do that!

It is not always easy to love our enemies; however, it is good to put this into practice no matter how hard you feel it is.

In Matthew 5:11, which says:

Blessed are you, when people insult you, persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you.”, we begin to see how enemies can be like – insulting you, persecuting you and speaking ill of you, BUT there are some good reasons for loving our enemies.

  1.  God rewards us for loving our enemies, which is good because it helps us to know we are walking in the path of righteousness.
  2. It teaches us to be understanding of other people’s situations, which is important because it helps us not to judge people in the wrong way.
  3. It demonstrates the love of God to others.
  4.  It sets a good example for others to follow, which helps us to share our faith, because ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. In other words, we don’t always have to tell people about it, but we can SHOW others by setting a good example through loving our enemies.
  5. Lastly, it turns enemies into friends.

John 13:34:

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

One time, I came across a story about a man who spent his holidays directing youth camps and enjoyed it. However, he would sometimes come across a young kid who didn’t listen to instructions and was always in rebellion. However, the man did not get angry, but was moved with compassion, like Jesus did many times in the Bible. He talked to the kid and found out that his mum worked in a bar and dated many different men, which meant that at many a times, he was alone. This was why the boy had built up all this anger and hatred against the world. Instead of punishing the boy, the man helped the boy and told the counsellor of the camp to have the boy as his helper and give the kid a lot of attention. This caused many positive changes in the boy’s life.

It may be hard at times to love our enemies, but it is worth it, because God rewards us for it.

By Praise Riley-Poku

Sunday Sermon: Back to Bethel

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Key Scripture: Genesis 35:1-3

Bethel was the place of reverence and consecration to Jacob (Genesis 28:11-17). You may think Jacob was not a suitable candidate for God to appear to, but He had a purpose. Is Bethel significant to us as Christians? Bethel is the house of God and the place where God’s spirit dwells. It is the place of worship (John 4:23), the place of healing (Matthew 12:15) and the place of deliverance (Obadiah 17). The house of God to you may be a cave or a place where you rent. In Matthew 21:13, the word ‘church’ is not used; instead emphasis is placed on the ‘house’. There’s a need for us as Christians to gather together in the house of God, not just over the internet. Don’t be deceived by the enemy! Bethel is the place where you were consecrated, where you met Christ and where he reached out to you. We should never forget the beautiful thing that God did for us through Jesus Christ.

Where are you at this time? Are you still in Bethel? God told Jacob to go back to Bethel (Genesis 3:9). The call is sounding out to all of us. Are you in a place far away from God and away from worship, prayer and healing? Jacob settled in Shechem (Genesis 33:17-20) and erected an altar there too, but it was not Bethel. He thought this was where he was supposed to be, but it was not the place that God said he should be (Genesis 28).

You should regularly sit down and reflect on your life (Revelations 2:1-4). We must reflect on ourselves as children of God and the position in which we have place God. He should be number one in your life. Where is God in your life? As the world is preparing for the coming of the enemy, we are preparing for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are the church and God inhabits our praises, so seek God while you can. Jacob made up his mind to go back to Bethel and told his people to put away their strange gods (Genesis 35:2). Have you made up your mind?

By Senior Pastor Adeyemi

Youth Class: Criticism

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Key Scriptures: Luke 19: 37-40


What does criticism mean? 

It means a comment that shows that you think something is wrong or bad. 

Luke 19: 37-40

The Pharisees weren’t happy with as he did not listen to their instructions and they wanted the people to stop calling him THE KING. They were very angry and disturbed. 

You will be liked by some people for doing the right thing but some will see it as an opportunity to criticise you. 

Criticism is an option or judgment and not necessarily the facts. As children of God our lives is directed by the spirit of God and not what the people around us think. 

God is looking for Christians who will stand in the midst of negative comments of people who hate the word of God. He is looking for people who would be bold and continue living as Christians in midst of people who disobey the word of God. 

Miriam, Aaron and Moses 

Numbers 12:1-2

Aaron and Miriam criticised Moses for being the leader. They weren’t happy because he always was the person to direct the people. God chose him even though he was the youngest.
Moses was a very gentle and humble person and he wasn’t disturbed by their criticism. Don’t stop doing the work of God even if the criticism is from people who even call themselves Christians. 

In the end, God defended Moses and punished Miriam for her criticism. 

God will always defend you in the end and will continue to use you as he used Moses.

Sunday Sermon: Persistency in Prayer

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Key Scripture: Luke 18:1

There is a spiritual war going on in various places affecting those who are of the body of Christ, those who have an understanding of it will be involved in this battle (Matthew 11:12). It is not a collective responsibility it is an individual responsibility in the kingdom and you have to press, push and fight for it in violence, it is not for the gentle. Prayer is something that Jesus stressed so much, that the world without knowledge of God sees as foolishness and some in the kingdom without understanding measure by convenience to themselves. To those who question prayer’s consistency – Jesus said men ought always to pray knowing there is the adversary to anyone born into Christ. There is a difference between the spiritual and physical enemy, you forgive physical enemies but you warfare against spiritual ones – when the enemy rises like a flood the spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19). Rise up and fight the good fight of faith – a believer should not think of skipping prayer  – the violent take it by force.
Faith and persistency come together. If you say you have faith and you don’t pray, don’t act and you don’t fast it will dwindle away. Just because God has revealed something to you it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to do. Abraham kept going back to God and asking God about his promise – do you pray once and leave it? There are those that say if you keep praying about it you don’t have faith. To God, when we call him day and night it is not because he hasn’t heard us but because he knows praying continually will strength us. When you pray and it looks like nothing has happened God wants you dig deep and go further and to open your eyes to certain things – you ought always to pray and not to faint. If you don’t pray you will be weak. Prayer will always make me know what God is saying concerning a matter.
Why are there always battles in the kingdom of God? You do not have a problem because there is spiritual warfare due to demonic forces at work, it is because you are in the body of Christ. Anyone who says there will be no battle is deceiving you but because of the name of Jesus, automatically if you choose to involve yourself in a battle spiritually you will be victorious. Make up your mind to engage. Prayer should not be forced on you, if you do not pray you will fall on the wayside because it is by prayer that you know the mind of God in everything so he can lead you. How many people have stopped praying because someone discouraged or offended them like in the story of the blind beggar (Luke 18:35 – 43). God is a God of time, when he sees your time has arrived he will answer you but it is your duty to make sure you are constantly praying to him. Make sure that you make inquiries and do your research that goes beyond the ordinary. It is our duty to understand the root of the problem and hold unto the word of God – crying day and night for God to show us  (Mark 9:21 – 23). The difference is always prayer.
We must resist the Devil in the faith, if you are waiting on God for something do your research and pray – God does not sleep, don’t give up. God will move (1 Peter 5:8 – 10).

By Senior Pastor Adeyemi

Sunday Sermon: Watch and Pray

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Key Scripture:  Matthew 26:41 

Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 26:41 that the way to prevent being overcome by tests and temptations is to pray. The good counsel of our Saviour is often simple and here the solution is to pray. Temptations are traps from the enemy that hope to catch and hold down believers who are careless and passive, with the sole purpose being do damage. Have you ever seen an animal that leaves a dangerous trap unscathed? Psalms 91:3 talks about the snare of the fowler, the fowler in relation to the believer is the enemy. Avoid the traps and the damage that will take time to heal, by exercising humility and simply praying. 

The areas of our lives that we dedicate the least prayer to will suffer the most! We live in a constant spiritual battle as believers which requires us, if we want to survive and even better, be victorious, to pray morning, afternoon and evening. In presenting our cases to God He will provide solutions. Matthew 21:22 says that if we couple our prayer with faith we will surely receive from the Lord.

 Believers’ battles range fierce and can come one after the other – feel unrelenting at times. King David experiences this in 2 Samuel 21:15-20. Four giants came the way of his army and the first one almost killed him. He waxes faint the Bible says. What David faced reveals the life and death battle we face spiritually today and also shows us how important it is to pray for our Leaders. To pray for our our children, families and nation. 

One secret to effective prayer we can implement is praying in the morning – such a powerful and effective time of day to pray. Why you ask? Because it means you discuss with God first and He can direct your footsteps all day long. Seek Him in prayer even before seeking your daily bread from His hand. How do you seek Him first before His hand? Praise Him for who He is. Make sure prayer is key in your life, so that even though the days are dark God will be glorified in your life. 

Youth Class: Priorities

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Key Scriptures: Psalm 90:12; Ephesians 5:15-17; James 4:14 

We live in a generation that demands instant gratification, yet spend hours and hours on things that donʼt really matter. 

If we have to wait too long in a drive thru, we get mad. We get impatient while waiting on our food to come out of the microwave. Any amount of waiting time at a doctorʼs office or a restaurant seems unbearable. At the same time, one could say that this generation wastes more time than ever before or things like social media or spending too much time on the tv or playing video games. That shouldnʼt make sense but as Iʼm sure we know this is very much the case. 

This can leave us with little to no time to focus on whatʼs important and the stuff that actually need to get done. 

While this is important in day to day life it is especially important in the kingdom of God. As we approach back to school time, use this lesson to help students with “priorities”. 

Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 

What does it mean to number your days? While we may not know the exact number of days we have to live, we do know that we donʼt have forever to live on this earth. So keeping that in mind how do you feel about the way you spend your days? Are you a planner, who takes care of the important things before moving on to do the fun things? Are you a procrastinator, who pushes everything of importance to the last possible minute? Or do you even think about how you spend your time, just letting whatever happens happen? And most importantly: Where does God fit into any of that? 

Ephesians 5:15-17 “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lordʼs will is.” 

Have you ever had a test that you just didnʼt study for? You knew it was happening, you knew when it was, you knew what you needed to study for it… and you just didnʼt? Maybe you didnʼt because life got in the way of studying, or maybe because your priorities werenʼt exactly how they should be. Either way, when this happens, thereʼs a common prayer that happens: “God, give me wisdom for this test!” 

Did you ever think that maybe God already gave you wisdom for the test? You know, that test that you knew about. The one where you knew what to study, but just didnʼt, even though you had the time and resources. Wisdom would have been using the time God gave to you and the brain God gave to you and studying! 

This verse says to be careful to live as wise. How does that relate to time management? More than you might think. Look at it this way: how you spend your hours adds up to how you spend your days. How you spend your days adds up to how you spend your life. So if youʼre spending your days wasting time and avoiding what you need to do, that is essentially how you are spending your life. And that is not wise. 

This verse also urges us to “make the most of every opportunity…do not be foolish, but understand what the Lordʼs will is.” Do you know the best way to understand what the Lordʼs will is? By spending time with Him; by praying and reading the Bible. The more you are spending time with Him, the easier it will be to make the most of every opportunity. 

James 4:14 “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” 

Thereʼs this idea that to enjoy life, you need to be a free spirit who is spontaneous and goes with the flow, never planning anything. Sure, many people choose to live that way. But the bottom line is this: if you want to make the most out of your life, you can only do that by learning to manage your time. Whether or not you decide to take charge of your time, itʼs going to pass you by anyway. Monday – Friday you would be going to go to class, getting homework, having exams and writing papers. The years spent in school are going to pass regardless of whether you manage your time. But if you want to make the most of them, and you want to live them the way the Bible says you should, managing your time in a wise way is a must. So how do you do that? 

1. Make God your number one priority. No matter how busy you get, no matter how much you have to do, no matter what, spending time with God needs to be your number one priority. If that means you have to get up earlier, then wake up earlier. If that means you have to sacrifice something extra, then so be it. This is one choice you will not regret making. 

2. Prioritise the things in your life. Regardless of how you may feel, high school is a priority right now. That means that for the school year, classes, tests, papers, and projects come before late night movies and weekends spent doing nothing with your friends. One of the best ways to remember your priorities is to get a planner or a calendar and write down when things are due, when you need to study, etc. 3. Hold yourself accountable. After you know what your schedule should be, pray over it. Ask God to help you achieve all you need to achieve in the time that you need to achieve it. 

Ask Him to help you manage your time better. Then, find someone who will hold you accountable to this. Maybe thatʼs a leader here, or maybe itʼs another person whoʼs also trying to manage their time better. Either way, getting a weekly text asking how youʼre doing with your time can be a great motivator! 

Another way to hold yourself accountable is to write these verses down—the ones that talk about how we should spend our days—and put them somewhere you can see them. After all, spending hours on twitter isnʼt really enjoyable when youʼre looking at a verse that reminds you of how short your life is. 

By Deacon Jonathan Adeyemi

Sunday Sermon: Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

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Key Scripture: Matthew 16:21-25

What does it mean to carry your cross? A strained relationship, physical illness or challenging job is not the definition of carrying your cross and what happened to Job is not the definition of a Christian life; remember that Job predated Abraham and the promise of God given to him and his descendants. The death of Jesus took away death and sickness which is why Jesus went about healing the sick. God is a covenant-keeping God so He will not give you sickness. Carrying your cross is also not self-pity; it is losing or going through something for the sake of Jesus Christ. 
There are various things attached to carrying your cross. 
From Luke 14:25-27 we see that we must love God more than spouses, mother, father, children or friend and if we do not, then we cannot follow God. The essence of everything is love: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16. When the Spirit of God is in a person you will overflow with love and you will be dead to yourself. So what does it mean to deny yourself? It means that God can call you at any time because you no longer live your life for yourself. Understanding this is needful and in order to help you to do this, ask yourself the following question: What do you place in front of God? Check your answer. God does not want you to make money or do things at the expense of your soul. 
Salvation and Conversion 
Being Born Again and Converted are two different things. When you are born again it is a definite work of grace but if you are not converted after being born again you will lose your salvation. This is because God begins to plant and instruct you on what and what not to do, listen to, watch and where to go just like a baby who is helped and fed by their parents, we begin to dig deep into the word of God and become solid in the things of God. Conversion is continuous and this is why some people become born again but fall off after sometime. What you are you willing to lose for the sake of Christ, your job, your family, your best friend? Jesus said whosoever loses their life for His sake will gain tremendously.  
Cutting Off Ties 
Proverbs 1:10. Evil communication corrupts, it corrupts good manners and corrupts absolutely. If you speak to someone whose actions are constantly wrong whether or not they profess to be a Christian, they will feed you with their poison. Remember that it is not so easy to build as it is to destroy and you have to take your stand when it comes to certain things in life. Beware when some “believers” come and begin to tear things apart for their own gain, and when you observe, respond accordingly. Let it be that your life is simple and straightforward. 

Standing for What is Godly and Right 
Jeremiah 47:14. Do not mind when people shun you in your ministry because you do not fit into a certain category. Don’t be afraid to stand for the truth either. One day Jesus will come back and it is important to be ready. Take Jeremiah tor example, his prophecies and warnings were accurate and even though he was hated for it, he told the truth in spite of what people thought. 
100 Fold Reward 
In Mark 10:27-30 Jesus said “With men it is impossible but not with God for with God all things are possible…” Don’t feel that because you are following God you will be a poor person; persecution is a fact but Jesus brings hope to every situation. Depend on God who will fill you with wisdom, defend you, bring you peace and give you your own. 
Your Own.  
Luke 16:11 Faithfulness is required in following the things of God. Remember that you don’t need experts or likes for your ministry to flourish but you do need God. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:15-16 and comfort yourself knowing that you are child of God and one day you will be caught up to meet with Him in the air. You will not be left behind in Jesus name. 

Sunday Sermon: The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus

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Key Scripture: John 6:56-60

Christ said we must eat and drink of him (John 6:56-60), but the people failed to understand because he was referring to something spiritual. As many did not understand Jesus (John 6:63-67), they stopped following him. However, it wasn’t until he died and rose again that their eyes of understanding were opened. The world is creeping back into the dark ages where many lack spiritual understanding. When you don’t eat or drink of him, your spirit will diminish. There is the spirit of life and it’s this same spirit the world is fighting against today.

As born again Christians, we know that Jesus strengthens and comforts our spirit. Jesus is also the avenue to approach God and he matters most in this world. Every instruction in the word of God quickens the spirit and brings life. The world cannot understand this because their eyes of understanding are dark and they only think of themselves. The world focuses on the physical and not the instruction (to eat and drink). When you begin to ignore the word of God, you’ll be alive but spiritually dead.

God is a spirit. Everything you see today is spiritually lead either by the devil or by God. If you believe a lie or accept deception, then your best friend is the devil. Wherever you are found, you should be able to stand on the truth of God without hesitation. When you think as a human being it will lead to disaster. The truth is being distorted every day and there’s the need for children of God to revisit the truth. Lies can enter our subconscious and change a person. While Jesus said he can do nothing of his own self (John 5:30), the devil speaks lies of his own accord. Can you handle the truth when it comes?

Jesus spoke of the heart (Luke 11:37-39) as the source of all actions. Actions do not direct the heart; the heart directs actions. Therefore, if your heart is corrupt, your actions will be full of darkness. Make sure you guard your heart with all diligence. Many feel that actions are more important than spiritual things. There are many travellers on the broad way and through the wide gate (Matthew 7:13-14) because it lacks boundaries and they can break the rules, but these people aren’t righteous to God. Meanwhile, there is a straight gate and narrow way and being born again is in that gate. A life of seriousness and godliness is in that gate. This narrow way is under the direction and instruction of the spirit of God. You will be constrained by the spirit because he doesn’t tolerate sin. Can you check your life? The world is being drawn into further darkness and we need to reflect on spiritual things.