Key Scripture: Genesis 35:1-3

Bethel was the place of reverence and consecration to Jacob (Genesis 28:11-17). You may think Jacob was not a suitable candidate for God to appear to, but He had a purpose. Is Bethel significant to us as Christians? Bethel is the house of God and the place where God’s spirit dwells. It is the place of worship (John 4:23), the place of healing (Matthew 12:15) and the place of deliverance (Obadiah 17). The house of God to you may be a cave or a place where you rent. In Matthew 21:13, the word ‘church’ is not used; instead emphasis is placed on the ‘house’. There’s a need for us as Christians to gather together in the house of God, not just over the internet. Don’t be deceived by the enemy! Bethel is the place where you were consecrated, where you met Christ and where he reached out to you. We should never forget the beautiful thing that God did for us through Jesus Christ.

Where are you at this time? Are you still in Bethel? God told Jacob to go back to Bethel (Genesis 3:9). The call is sounding out to all of us. Are you in a place far away from God and away from worship, prayer and healing? Jacob settled in Shechem (Genesis 33:17-20) and erected an altar there too, but it was not Bethel. He thought this was where he was supposed to be, but it was not the place that God said he should be (Genesis 28).

You should regularly sit down and reflect on your life (Revelations 2:1-4). We must reflect on ourselves as children of God and the position in which we have place God. He should be number one in your life. Where is God in your life? As the world is preparing for the coming of the enemy, we are preparing for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are the church and God inhabits our praises, so seek God while you can. Jacob made up his mind to go back to Bethel and told his people to put away their strange gods (Genesis 35:2). Have you made up your mind?

By Senior Pastor Adeyemi