Key Scripture: Galatians 3:26

A child of God is a person who believes that Jesus Christ is their saviour (Galatians 3:26). A child of God must remember that it is only Jesus Christ that gives them a good record before God (1 Peter 2:10). A child of God believes and obeys the word of God. As a child of God you should not question the word of God and use it to suit your own purpose, rather you should love to seek the things of God. You should love to meet with other believers and rejoice in the testimonies you hear.

Simply put, a child of God:

  • Believes in Jesus Christ
  • Believes in the word of God
  • Loves to seek the things of God, including the testimonies of believers and fellowship with other believers.

The declaration that you are a child of God should start with you and continue with you (Romans 1:16). It should be apparent in how you live, including your talking, dressing and every aspect of your living. You should have hope because you are a child of God. You should beware idolatry (Daniel 1:6-7) which can can easily be hidden in the culture around us – the things we watch, the company we keep, the traditions we follow. As Christians to live is Christ and to die is great gain. We are born again to radiate the work of Christ, to shine light into darkness, not to continue in darkness. 

When you operate as a child of God, you can then begin to understand what it means to be full of power. Do you have the boldness to declare Christ? (Acts 5:13). Being a child of God gives us power, but when we take out Jesus Christ – man will fail (Acts 4:12) and so we must never stop praying. We must pray for our country and that we will see revival again.