Key Scripture:   Luke 3:3-5

In Luke 5 we see Jesus at the lake of Gennesaret. He was on a fishing expedition. But not a physical one. Gennesaret was a fruitful place, in fact the meaning of Gennesaret is beautiful rich place, garden of a prince. It was even referred to by some as the paradise of Galilee. It therefore makes sense why Jesus would choose the place as a fishing spot. Jesus was fishing for men and caught Simon and the sons of Zebedee; he chose them as his disciples. Jesus started his fishing expedition by preaching to those who pressed on him from Peter’s fishing boat. The crowd meant that he needed a floating platform to speak to them from. At this point it is important to mention that Simon had been fishing all night and caught absolutely nothing. It’s also important to note that Jesus was fully aware of this. 

Once He concluded teaching, Jesus asks Simon to launch his nets. Simon complies but with no expectation based on the previous night’s experience. His obedience despite his current and past experiences brought forth a multitude of fish. So much so that it was breaking his nets and sinking his boat. If that isn’t abundance what is? Drought seasons are not forever and God is fully aware of what we face in them, both physical and emotional. But He always has a plan in which seasons of drought play an important part. The famously quoted Jeremiah 29:11 is God’s encouragement to the children of Israel whilst still in Babylon as captives. 1 Kings 17 tells the story of Elijah facing a famine first hand and God providing for him in an unassuming place, through an unassuming widow. 2 Kings 4 talks about the Shunammite woman’s son who died unexpectedly and yet her response in verse 26 was: ‘It is well’. Whatsoever situation you are facing, God is aware of it. He is calling your attention in the midst of it. 

When we face droughts we must remember they don’t last forever and God never loses control. We just have to trust Him. God reveals His glory on behalf of those whose hearts are pure toward Him. God’s glory was revealed when in humility Simon let down his nets despite his drought. When we obey God in spite of our drought physical abundance is not the only result. Supernatural abundance is also a product. Simon received his call to be a disciple. In Luke 5:10 Jesus says “fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men”. The call of God upon our lives is strategically planned by God, but it is heavily dependent on our obedience to His instructions, big or small. Answer the call of God whatever it demands of you, you won’t regret it. Be like Elisha who in 1 Kings 19: 16-19 took on the mantle of Elijah. Don’t be like the rich young ruler in Luke 18:22-24 who couldn’t sell all he had to follow Jesus. Is there something in your life right now that you love more than the call of Jesus? Be ready to let it go when He calls.