Key Scriptures: Matthew 26, Mark 16 and Luke 24

Jesus understood the personal cost of doing the will of God. Jesus in Luke 22:41-43 asks God to remove the cup of suffering He was soon to drink from; dying for all of humanity despite His innocence. Jesus’ humanity needed strengthening at this time and in the passage an angel is sent to do just that. It was the will of God that the Son of God should go through agony and pain and thank God He did. Thank God Jesus went through with the will of God and by doing so He gave all those that believe in Him access to God the Father and eternal life. Heaven and hell are real. 

Though the will of God for us doesn’t look like the pain and agony Jesus went through, that doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have a will of each and every life. He does. There are some things we must note in our exercising the will of God in our lives. As you seek to do His will you must remember that the heart can be deceitful and we are not to look to signs in an attempt to hear from God. The people that want to please themselves look for signs and the Devil will give them signs. According to Matthew 12:38-40, it is an evil generation looks for signs. As you seek to do the will of God you must be prayerful, this stops you from giving up. Also seek Godly counsel from your spiritual leaders, pastors, teachers and be patient!

In the pursuit of God’s will for our lives we must also be aware that persecution will arise. As you seek to do the will of God you are likely to face opposition. Do not take opposition to mean you are not in His will, that’s a lie. People may even go as far as insulting, mistreating and lying against you. Why would anyone do this to me? You may ask. Persecution may arise because of the joy set before you. What God has for you is on its way. What should be your response? Endurance. When you encounter opposition don’t crack but endure. Also as crazy as it sounds, be excited! Be excited because great is your reward in heaven (Hebrews 12: 2).