Key Scripture: Luke 18:1

There is a spiritual war going on in various places affecting those who are of the body of Christ, those who have an understanding of it will be involved in this battle (Matthew 11:12). It is not a collective responsibility it is an individual responsibility in the kingdom and you have to press, push and fight for it in violence, it is not for the gentle. Prayer is something that Jesus stressed so much, that the world without knowledge of God sees as foolishness and some in the kingdom without understanding measure by convenience to themselves. To those who question prayer’s consistency – Jesus said men ought always to pray knowing there is the adversary to anyone born into Christ. There is a difference between the spiritual and physical enemy, you forgive physical enemies but you warfare against spiritual ones – when the enemy rises like a flood the spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19). Rise up and fight the good fight of faith – a believer should not think of skipping prayer  – the violent take it by force.
Faith and persistency come together. If you say you have faith and you don’t pray, don’t act and you don’t fast it will dwindle away. Just because God has revealed something to you it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to do. Abraham kept going back to God and asking God about his promise – do you pray once and leave it? There are those that say if you keep praying about it you don’t have faith. To God, when we call him day and night it is not because he hasn’t heard us but because he knows praying continually will strength us. When you pray and it looks like nothing has happened God wants you dig deep and go further and to open your eyes to certain things – you ought always to pray and not to faint. If you don’t pray you will be weak. Prayer will always make me know what God is saying concerning a matter.
Why are there always battles in the kingdom of God? You do not have a problem because there is spiritual warfare due to demonic forces at work, it is because you are in the body of Christ. Anyone who says there will be no battle is deceiving you but because of the name of Jesus, automatically if you choose to involve yourself in a battle spiritually you will be victorious. Make up your mind to engage. Prayer should not be forced on you, if you do not pray you will fall on the wayside because it is by prayer that you know the mind of God in everything so he can lead you. How many people have stopped praying because someone discouraged or offended them like in the story of the blind beggar (Luke 18:35 – 43). God is a God of time, when he sees your time has arrived he will answer you but it is your duty to make sure you are constantly praying to him. Make sure that you make inquiries and do your research that goes beyond the ordinary. It is our duty to understand the root of the problem and hold unto the word of God – crying day and night for God to show us  (Mark 9:21 – 23). The difference is always prayer.
We must resist the Devil in the faith, if you are waiting on God for something do your research and pray – God does not sleep, don’t give up. God will move (1 Peter 5:8 – 10).

By Senior Pastor Adeyemi