Key Scripture:   Matthew 26:6-8

Alabaster is a dense previous stone like marble and it originates from Israel. In Mark 14:2-3 describes the oil the woman poured on the woman spikenard, which was used for traditional medicine, perfume and ceremonies. This woman came with this expensive oil, broke it and poured it on Jesus. However, the disciples felt it was a waste and were angry because they assumed it would have been better if she had given it to Jesus so they could have sold it for money. 

Do you jump to conclusions when you think someone is doing something which appears pointless? Remember that not everything is about money. The woman didn’t give money but she gave her precious ointment. Anything you give to Jesus will be recognised. Jesus did not see it as a waste, rather He stated that this action would be a memorial for her. What has God been telling you to do lately? When you have light and it shines in darkness, then people will be able to see.

People usually quote verse 19 of Philippians 4:17-19 but forget verses 17-18. There was a man that was sent to gift something to Paul. Paul was happy that those things were done because it adds to their account. When you do these things, it reaches heaven and they all matter to God. You should not be doing things for recognition. 

The other alabaster box 

This woman poured oil on Jesus’ feet and used her hair to wipe them. The story found in Matthew 26:6-8 and the one found in Luke 7:36-38 are not the same. In Luke, the woman was in the house of a Pharisee, she was a sinner and it wasn’t said to be precious anointment. This woman’s act was a form of surrender to Jesus as she wanted to be saved. Similar to the woman in Matthew, this woman also faced criticism. We should be careful not to criticise things we do not understand as we can bring the indignation of God on ourselves. 

If you’re born again, you used to be a sinner and there are still others who need salvation (Luke 7:40-47). Your life should always reflect who you were from the beginning because you are nothing without Jesus. God loves lost sheep in the same way He loves you; the only difference is that you surrendered your life to Him and received salvation. Be humble, sober and vigilant. Wherever people are pouring their precious ointment today, think before you speak and criticise so that you do not act against the will of God.