Key Scripture: Luke 6:19-26

Jesus clearly stated the blessings and the woes, but he was talking about spiritual things. Can you say to yourself, ‘I am blessed’? On one hand, there are many receiving God’s blessings, but on the other are those who are against God. Christians are often excluded because they refuse to conform to the standards of others, but we are blessed. The world fails to understand this because it doesn’t match their teachings. It is evil when ‘solidarity’ makes you bow down to the things of the world. As a Christian, you should not support an ideology if it’s against God. You may not be appreciated by the world, but you have special blessings with the Lord. Your life may not meet the world’s standards, but your dreams and vision should be of the Lord. Don’t be afraid of the evil tidings because the Lord will keep and sustain you.

There is a difference between the physical and the spiritual. The blessings Jesus is talking about is spiritual and eternal (the kingdom of heaven).  In John 18:35-37, Jesus paints the picture that his kingdom is not of this world, but the spiritual world. If something happens in the physical, it was first determined in the spirit world. Many rich individuals are lavished with awards; however, they are poor before God and have no record in heaven. What’s your record in heaven? Have you decided that the devil won’t have a part in your life?

Who will be able to stand before the Lord? (Psalm 24:3-5) The world is full of darkness with violence, poverty and terror etc, but what is the church doing? Do you know where God is leading you?  Prosperity is a small component of God but prosperity preachers will make you believe that’s all there is. Wealth cannot deliver you because there’s a limit to how far it can go (1 Timothy 6:17). The teaching of earthly success should not disregard the words of Jesus Christ who said we should seek the kingdom of God first. 

The world is preparing for one country, one currency and one leader, who shall stand?  You better take your life in Christ seriously. Don’t worry about tomorrow, but let your light so shine before men.