Key Scripture: Matthew 13: 3 -9 

Many have heard the word of God before, but only in understanding it does the word of God produce fruitful results.

The seed of the word on unfertile ground can have no effect or a negative effect on the hearer; though they may still claim to be active Christians. To he who hears the word of God and does it not understand it, the word will be taken away from him. In this time, your understanding may be tested, and fruits will be expected of you from the word of God that should be in you. Are you following Jesus, with an understanding of the word of God in this period?

It is easy to live with a lack of understanding of the word of God, such was the case with the Sadducees (Acts 23:8). There are denominations that do not believe in the Holy Ghost, those who do not believe in going to church, those who believe in evolution and those who say christianity or the Bible is inconsistent. When the enemy comes, he not only takes the word of God away, but he replaces it with a lie. The word is living and just as the body without the spirit is dead (James 1:22-26), when you lack the word of God, the seed that is sown is not able to grow.

The sowing of the seed can be prevented in many ways. Some fell on stony ground (Matthew 13:5-6) where there was no root. This is when the word of God is received with joy but when temptation, trials and persecutions arise, it fades away. Are you easily offended, easily losing your peace and joy? It is important to understand that when you receive the word there is the process of conversion where you God will take you on a spiritual journey and you will mature with each day. For other people, thorns spring up (Matthew 13:22) and the deceitfulness of the things of this world, such as wealth and riches chokes the word. When you are very dedicated to wealth and the world, it is dangerous to your salvation.

However, the seed on the good ground bears fruit. The good ground is he that hears the word and understands it, and therefore produces fruit (Matthew 13:8). At such a time as this when the word of God is being cut off, are you fertile ground for God’s instruction?

If the ground is not fertile, the word will not abide in it. How is the word of God in you?