Key Scripture: John 6:56-60

Christ said we must eat and drink of him (John 6:56-60), but the people failed to understand because he was referring to something spiritual. As many did not understand Jesus (John 6:63-67), they stopped following him. However, it wasn’t until he died and rose again that their eyes of understanding were opened. The world is creeping back into the dark ages where many lack spiritual understanding. When you don’t eat or drink of him, your spirit will diminish. There is the spirit of life and it’s this same spirit the world is fighting against today.

As born again Christians, we know that Jesus strengthens and comforts our spirit. Jesus is also the avenue to approach God and he matters most in this world. Every instruction in the word of God quickens the spirit and brings life. The world cannot understand this because their eyes of understanding are dark and they only think of themselves. The world focuses on the physical and not the instruction (to eat and drink). When you begin to ignore the word of God, you’ll be alive but spiritually dead.

God is a spirit. Everything you see today is spiritually lead either by the devil or by God. If you believe a lie or accept deception, then your best friend is the devil. Wherever you are found, you should be able to stand on the truth of God without hesitation. When you think as a human being it will lead to disaster. The truth is being distorted every day and there’s the need for children of God to revisit the truth. Lies can enter our subconscious and change a person. While Jesus said he can do nothing of his own self (John 5:30), the devil speaks lies of his own accord. Can you handle the truth when it comes?

Jesus spoke of the heart (Luke 11:37-39) as the source of all actions. Actions do not direct the heart; the heart directs actions. Therefore, if your heart is corrupt, your actions will be full of darkness. Make sure you guard your heart with all diligence. Many feel that actions are more important than spiritual things. There are many travellers on the broad way and through the wide gate (Matthew 7:13-14) because it lacks boundaries and they can break the rules, but these people aren’t righteous to God. Meanwhile, there is a straight gate and narrow way and being born again is in that gate. A life of seriousness and godliness is in that gate. This narrow way is under the direction and instruction of the spirit of God. You will be constrained by the spirit because he doesn’t tolerate sin. Can you check your life? The world is being drawn into further darkness and we need to reflect on spiritual things.