Key Scripture:  Ephesians 4:13-15

Currently, the world is going through trials and tribulations which makes people react in a certain way. Some Christians are deceived by the wind of the doctrine of the world and by the media. The wind of doctrine makes people forget who they are, but we are children of God and we have been redeemed by Jesus Christ because of what He did on Calvary. Do you know your God? Are you doing exploits in this season?

There are three elements that can set a nation on fire: The wind that carries lying politicians, deceived people and the sleeping church. Those who are rooted in Christ will remain because when you’re planted by God, you will stand strong. Waves of the enemy deceive people who are like chaff (Psalm 1) and they won’t be able to stand in the congregation of the righteous. 

When people do things in the name of peace, such as peaceful protests, it will never hold because Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Is it of God? Did God lead you? Be careful not to blindly follow trends without first finding out the source (1 Kings 19:18) because many trends originate from the enemy, for example the bowing of the knee. We pray in the name of Jesus so the actions we carry out should be in the name of Jesus too.  A prayer walk should be our peaceful protest because Jesus is the only source of peace. A prayer walk will cause the witches, demons and the evil doers to flee because there’s power in the blood of Jesus.

Christians should not avenge themselves because vengeance is of the Lord (Romans 12:19). Do not be swept under in the wave for the cry for justice which is not under the name of God. It’s not possible for you to be a Christian and be involved in violence. You were once a sinner and now you’re redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. You should pray instead of having a mind of condemnation and anger (John 8:4-7). While the world is preparing for the eventual ruler who will charm and deceive, we are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. Be sober, be righteous and be godly. Do not backslide and be deceived by the media who sow seeds of discord.The Lord will keep you, hold you, fill you with the Holy Spirit and your life will be pleasing to Him. You will continue to shine as light in darkness in Jesus name.