Key Scripture:  Matthew 26:41 

Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 26:41 that the way to prevent being overcome by tests and temptations is to pray. The good counsel of our Saviour is often simple and here the solution is to pray. Temptations are traps from the enemy that hope to catch and hold down believers who are careless and passive, with the sole purpose being do damage. Have you ever seen an animal that leaves a dangerous trap unscathed? Psalms 91:3 talks about the snare of the fowler, the fowler in relation to the believer is the enemy. Avoid the traps and the damage that will take time to heal, by exercising humility and simply praying. 

The areas of our lives that we dedicate the least prayer to will suffer the most! We live in a constant spiritual battle as believers which requires us, if we want to survive and even better, be victorious, to pray morning, afternoon and evening. In presenting our cases to God He will provide solutions. Matthew 21:22 says that if we couple our prayer with faith we will surely receive from the Lord.

 Believers’ battles range fierce and can come one after the other – feel unrelenting at times. King David experiences this in 2 Samuel 21:15-20. Four giants came the way of his army and the first one almost killed him. He waxes faint the Bible says. What David faced reveals the life and death battle we face spiritually today and also shows us how important it is to pray for our Leaders. To pray for our our children, families and nation. 

One secret to effective prayer we can implement is praying in the morning – such a powerful and effective time of day to pray. Why you ask? Because it means you discuss with God first and He can direct your footsteps all day long. Seek Him in prayer even before seeking your daily bread from His hand. How do you seek Him first before His hand? Praise Him for who He is. Make sure prayer is key in your life, so that even though the days are dark God will be glorified in your life.