Key scripture: Matthew 9:20

At times it can feel like our circumstances are weakening us and causing us to waste away, both physically and spiritually, but God is looking for those who will look away from their own circumstances and infirmity and walk in faith. We learn this in Matthew 9:20-22 when the woman with the issue of blood 12 years touched Jesus’ garment from behind. She was weak and wasting way as a result of her sickness. Her sickness also meant she was unclean according to Jewish custom and should not keep company. Yet, despite her situation saying to her: “Don’t touch, don’t mix with the people”, she was determined to touch Jesus. It wasn’t only the touch that brought about the woman’s healing but her faith – Jesus emphasised that it was her faith that made her whole. 

When true faith is the basis of your actions you can’t go wrong. When you have faith you will spring into action, you will say: “This is what I am going to do”. Many today say they have faith but they don’t move. Faith has works; it makes you to get up and do what is necessary. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. James 2:14 explains just how important it is to accompany works with faith. Faith has actions, works and measures. No actions, works or measures, means no faith.

Faith is not a feeling we conjure up but a way of life. Through faith in Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven and we receive salvation, just like the woman with the alabaster box in Luke 7, who is described as a sinner, who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair and anointed Him with precious ointment. In verse 47 Jesus forgives her sins, saying in verse 50 her faith (act of faith) has saved her. Faith is also from the heart. When a person truly walks in faith it is not because they are compelled to walk in it by others, rather they chose to act in faith. God only accepts offering from the heart as we see in Hebrews 11:4. This hasn’t changed and acts of faith are no different. Don’t try and force faith, acts of faith, but rather if you find that this is a struggle, address why. It may be a symptom of unbelief. If it is, then ask the Lord to help your unbelief like the man in Mark 9:24. It’s the first step to experiencing genuine faith and acting in it.