Key Scriptures: Luke 19: 37-40


What does criticism mean? 

It means a comment that shows that you think something is wrong or bad. 

Luke 19: 37-40

The Pharisees weren’t happy with as he did not listen to their instructions and they wanted the people to stop calling him THE KING. They were very angry and disturbed. 

You will be liked by some people for doing the right thing but some will see it as an opportunity to criticise you. 

Criticism is an option or judgment and not necessarily the facts. As children of God our lives is directed by the spirit of God and not what the people around us think. 

God is looking for Christians who will stand in the midst of negative comments of people who hate the word of God. He is looking for people who would be bold and continue living as Christians in midst of people who disobey the word of God. 

Miriam, Aaron and Moses 

Numbers 12:1-2

Aaron and Miriam criticised Moses for being the leader. They weren’t happy because he always was the person to direct the people. God chose him even though he was the youngest.
Moses was a very gentle and humble person and he wasn’t disturbed by their criticism. Don’t stop doing the work of God even if the criticism is from people who even call themselves Christians. 

In the end, God defended Moses and punished Miriam for her criticism. 

God will always defend you in the end and will continue to use you as he used Moses.